Chroma & Luma

Since the advent of video technology, engineers and industry pros alike have continued to chase the ever elusive image standards traditionally associated with film.

Until recently, affordable HD acquisition was a distant dream. While HD technology has been in use by major media outlets for several years, the private professional had a very difficult time achieving these standards. Today, several manufacturers have entered the HDV field to make professional image standards more accessible

While shot on video, our ultimate goal at Lumalicious is to reproduce an image more representative of one captured on film. At the heart of this process is the Canon XL-H1- an incredibly sophisticated piece of video equipment.

Given the inherent computerized elements of digital imagery, there is a technical fact of camera operation that is equally fundamental to the creative process.

The still and motion images you see contained within our galleries have not been manipulated by any means after the fact. If anything, the image quality has been compromised to allow for more efficient web publishing.

Ultimately, the overall look of the imagery is at the discretion of the client. It is this key feature of the XL-H1 that makes it such a truly unique camera. The variables within the camera allow us to reproduce a cinema look that can resemble a variety of film stocks and broadcast video styles.