Lumalicious is a one stop shop for a variety of professional videography services that can produce dramatic and impressive results working within the limits of almost any budget.

Business to business videography services are scaled to meet the needs of any project. We offer a wide variety of in-house equipment and services to properly accomodate a clients list of needs. We offers a wide variety of professional videography services. Professional services include, but are not limited to:
  • corporate events
  • weddings & banquets
  • freelance HD newsgathering
  • commercial production
  • independent feature production
  • HD stock footage & content
  • location interviews

Splice Of Life

In addition to our professional commercial services, we also offer a more personal and casual service for individuals looking to document a personal moment or special occassion.

  • birthdays
  • anniversaries
  • private parties
  • graduations
  • youth athletics
  • invent your own special occassion

Post Production Services

While field aquisition and producton is our primary focus, Lumalicious offers a wide variety of audio and video post production services to further meets the needs of the client.

PC and Mac based editing suites are available for exporting projects in a variety of formats. In addition to computer based video editing, our studio services include several other creative auctions. Using both Adobe's Production Studio and Mac's Final Cut Pro HD Studio, we are able to offer in-house graphic design services, website design, desktop publishing, and DVD authoring services.

Audio Studio Engineering

Studio audio services can be used to support multiple field aquisition tracks for a video project, or run independently for original audio production. In addition to studio equipment, we have an assortment of vintage instruments and equipment that is available for recording sessions.

Custom Digital Photography

Custom Graphics

Custom Web Design